About Us


In recent years, much has changed in displaying items. Nowadays, putting a product on the shelves or on a cabinet is no longer spectacular enough. People want something new, something refreshing and above all: something creative.

Gravity Displays offers several innovative gravity displays to keep stores and businesses as well as the ultimate collectors happy. Our displays allow the desired items to float and sometimes even rotate to make them the centerpiece of any space. Simultaneously, all attention flows to that one Pokémon card, shoe, or that one product the store wants to display. An optical and magical illusion that captivates everyone and is a real must-have.

For example, are you a real collector or do you simply have something that you are incredibly proud of? We’ll help you show it off to the world. Or maybe you notice that your store window is no longer attracting enough customers.

Our gravity displays give the necessary boost to your sales and function as a true conversation opener.


Imagine how great it would be to display your item(s) of choice in a new, creative way. Retailers are increasingly using it to showcase their top products, and collectors are utilizing it to shine their passion for, say, Pokémon cards or miniatures to the outside world.

With continuous improvements, Gravity Displays ensures an ever-increasing demand of these new displays. And this is just the beginning. We plan to usher in the revolution of floating displays and continue to innovate into the distant future to meet the diverse needs of collectors and retail chains.