€ 199.99

With the Saturn 200 you showcase a shoe in a unique way to all your potential customers or visitors. Beautiful or super-deluxe sneakers that deserve to be really hung in plain sight? The Saturn 200 makes sure that all eyes look at this product thanks to our innovative floating and rotating displays. Great for collectors and shoe stores.

The extremely powerful magnetic field of the Saturn 200 is made to float a shoe weighing up to 200 grams. Give the shoes a unique spot in the shop window that will make people quickly want to step into the store.

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€ 299.99

With the Neptune 400, you’ll showcase most beautiful pair of shoes effortlessly using our rotating gravity display. Do you have a pair of shoes that deserve to be in full view and command attention at all times? Then this floating display is the ideal solution.

The extremely powerful magnetic field of the Neptune 400 is made to float a pair of shoes totaling 1400 grams. Very suitable as an eye-catcher in the shop window or to showcase your unique collector’s edition.
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€ 299.99

The Triton 600 is a true mood enhancer and gives any room a magical appearance in one fell swoop. It ensures that your visitors or customers are left speechless as soon as they see your product floating. Our gravity display is undoubtedly a real conversation starter.

With a maximum weight of 600 grams, you can display countless smaller products. Ideal for collectors of Pokémon cards as well as for stores that want to give that one particular perfume or drink a unique showcase.
  • Float objects up to 600 Grams!
  • Platform diameter : 8 CM
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€ 599.99

The Mercury 1000 creates a magical and unique vibe in any room. Create a repulsive look the moment visitors or customers see your chosen item floating. Our gravity display is undoubtedly a true conversation opener and attracts attention in any situation.

With a maximum weight of 1 kg, you can display numerous medium-sized products. Ideal for both collectors of, for example, lego and miniatures and for stores that want to give that one perfume a unique place.
  • Float objects up to 1000 Grams!
  • Platform diameter : 11 CM
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€ 799.99

The Jupiter 2000 is the powerhouse of our collection. With a maximum weight of up to 2 kg, even somewhat heavier products can get a well-deserved spot of attention. Create an unforgettable look and give the room an exceptional and magical appearance.

Ideal for products such as flowers, toys and the like. This display is also great for collectors of all kinds of items, from both cards to builds to large store products.
  • Float objects up to 2000 Grams!
  • Platform diameter : 13 CM
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