With our original Neptune 400 you will provide a unique experience in displaying shoes. Thanks to innovative levitation technology, Gravity Displays provides a floating display that automatically rotates the shoes in a smooth manner. Give one a simple, quick and complete look of your top shoes. Ideal for store displays or collectors.

Gravity Displays offers the opportunity to display sneakers and shoes in the most unique way. With our original Saturn 200 you are able to make a sneaker or shoe float thanks to levitation technology. In addition, the sneaker is continuously rotated so that people can look at your top product from all sides in a calm and attentive way.

Defy gravity with this brand new Triton 600 Gravity Display. No longer do products need to be displayed in simple shelves or an old cabinet. Give the most unique product in your collection a place and a way to show the world how beautiful or rare it is. The Triton 600 is a true mood setter and guarantees to be a conversation opener for collectors and stores a like.

Defy gravity with this brand new Mercury 1000 Gravity Display. With this display you can let your favorite items up to 1 kg float gently. The Mercury 1000 is known as a true atmosphere creator and provides a unique experience for young and old. This display is mainly used by collectors of, for example, miniatures, medals, jewelry, toys, etc. In addition, stores use it to put products in a good light and to give sales a real boost.

Defy gravity with this brand new Jupiter 2000 Gravity Display. Make sure your products are displayed in a creative way thanks to our innovative levitation technology. The Jupiter 2000 is immensely used by collectors to give the eye candy of the collection the place and attention it deserves. There are also countless stores and companies that use this display to give even the heavier products a boost in sales.